Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How to handle the daunting task of gift wrapping

Orange and Yellow Colour Combo Gift Pack

It’s the wedding season and you have to attend plenty of weddings this season and now you have to brace yourself to gift your special relatives and friends because you love them and want them to gift something that is very unique in many ways and one is the way you wrap your gifts. The modern world is turning eco-friendly so why do you have to not follow the same? 

Check the vast variety that you get in eco-friendly gift pack which is made from natural products and so there is no left over garbage and no hazardous emission in the air.

People are getting more and more aware about what they give people and what they receive and that is why we find many gift wrapping manufacturers opting for various types of wrapping options that can be reused for gifting others or using it at home for different purpose.

Palmleaf Tie Box / Bangle Box

Palmleaf Gift Pack Set

Palmleaf Round Chocolate Box

Palmleaf Sqaure Chocolate Box

Think different
Unique ideas should be used to wrap the gift because when the recipient receives it, they will remember you for considering them important and also cherish the gift forever.

Try the new palm leaf gift packs that have entered the market and have provided unique ideas for gifting. It helps to wrap things like the piece of art and give joy. Consider the age of the person and think of the gift and then the wrapping. With palm leaf there are a number of packs that are available. 

The vibrant red colored box comes in various sizes; you get the lid as well. Why not use it to show what unique ideas you have. These boxes are quite sturdy and do not go limp easily.

Ideas presented
First of all you can use box that contrast the color of the gift. Use a large ribbon to tie the box creatively with plenty of colors around it. Make interesting flowers small and large. Use shiny buttons at the top and the sides that make it look attractive. Do not only decorate the lids, buy also on the box as well. Give a personalized touch and give your name in stones or pearls that give a dazzling effect. 

There is no end to creativity and every corner of the box will look unique and can be used as show piece by the recipient. The boxes should also be covered with something interesting and after you put the gift in, cover it with cotton wool if it is a delicate gift or eatables like chocolate you have to be careful, but you can also make the interiors attractive as well.

Place some artificial flowers according to the space available or even some shiny stars that will enhance the gift. Colored cotton balls will definitely create an unusual treat to the eyes. Lastly carry the gift with style and of course present it to that special person 

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Great gifting ideas for Wedding Gift Packing

Not sure what to gift those soon-to-be-married people? It happens to everyone and you are not alone. Well, gifting can be daunting task if you are not sure about what the couple likes and what they are interested in. one of the gifts that can be sure hit amongst the couple is something that is out-of-the-ordinary. However, this too can be difficult for many and are not sure if they might offend the couple.
Lets us check what can be some exciting and heart winning gift packing and gift ideas for the wedding.

Porcelain vases or china ware
Well why not go for something that is loved and placed at important places of the house and used as well. You can think of something in playful shapes and are quirky as well. You get plenty of such gifts in diminutive dimensions like three and even four inches. Why even clustered porcelain can give joy to the couple. You can enhance the joy by placing it in palm leaf gift packs that come in various sizes and choose either the bigger one or smaller one. Square Boxes are also suitable and decorate it with something that matches the gift inside. If it is a vase inside, then stick some flowers on the box or use some plastic stems or creepers to go with it.

Palmleaf Shagun Pouch

Palm leaf gift packs are sturdy and so there is no need to worry about the weight of the gift. However, you do have to careful that you do not put more weight than it can bear. The box that you can use can come in many shapes and sizes and also colors so it won’t be a problem to choose any size in the box. Try to gift jewelry and accessories that will definitely be loved. It can be real of fake both are well accepted today as costume jewelry can also be expensive and very useful. Why not also decorate the box with trinkets on the lid that are similar to the jewelry inside. You can also add flowers or leaves that come with colored papers. Get inside the box and lay a carpet of rose petals that are plastic so that they do not fade off. On top of it place the gift and see how the couple will love it.

Palmleaf Sweet Box

You will simply adore the palm leaf gift boxes that are shaped in Square, Rectangle, Round and many more. You even get pouches that are great for jewelry, perfumes, cash and any such light things. Being creative is what makes the gift wrapping stand apart and if you want something that is an eco-friendly gift pack and can be easily reused. Pouches come in the form of potlis, as well. They are already decorated and so you need not do much. But a personal touch is very important.

Use boxes that give scope to decorate it and make it special and personalized. Wedding gifts should always be special and should always be remembered for your love and affection. 

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